Friction Proof No. 50


Friction Proof No. 50 is our solution to treating surfaces where reduced friction is desired. Friction Proof can be applied to any piece of equipment, reducing the buildup of waxes, paper dust, clays, inks, offset, spray powders and other contaminates. It works wonderfully on cutting beds, cutting cylinders, counter plates and cutting dies. Using it on press feeders will enable sheets to glide effortlessly down the feed board, reducing feeding problems and increasing efficiency.

Gloss Ink Vehicle No. 9010


Gloss Ink Vehicle No. 9010 is a 100% solids, non-yellowing vehicle to provide toughness, high gloss and jack up inks and varnishes. This gloss vehicle provides fast, hard dry properties required for labels, folding cartons and specialty packaging inks printed on paper or non-porous substrates. This vehicle protects against abrasion, soap, solvents and oils and will satisfy most end-use requirements. Finally, the product exhibits excellent set speed while providing maximum gloss properties without excessive tack.

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