Ink Mate


One of our flagship products, Ink Mate is used by printers around the world to fight ink and paper related problems. Reducing the surface tension of the ink, Ink Mate acts as a release aid for all of the ink to transfer from the blanket to the substrate. The result is a crisper image, sharper colors, faster drying times and improved mileage. Properly used, Ink Mate will also eliminate dot gain. Most importantly, using Ink Mate is proven to reduce press room waste by 10 to 30%.

Multi-Cure Drier


Multi-Cure Drier is a specially formulated drier blend that accelerates the drying, or oxidation, process of printing inks, coatings and paints without adversely affecting the vehicle color. In addition, Multi-Cure Drier will not negatively impact the film integrity when dry. This product also pairs well with drying oils and synthetic resin varnishes, creating a thorough and complete cure. Inks for non-porous stocks, such as plastic or foil, metal deco, silk screen and regular printing inks work extremely well with our Multi-Cure Drier. Best of all, the color of the ink or paint is maintained, allowing you to meet strict color specifications.



With Eliminator printers can print on porous stocks without the need for blanketing the paper in spray powder. Eliminator works flawlessly with all oil-based, soy, acrylic, laser/thermal and rubber based inks. Best of all, Eliminator reduces the drying time after printing while maintaining color integrity, leading to a higher quality printed piece.

UV Mate


Like Ink Mate works for conventional, UV Mate is our solution for UV printing operations. UV Mate eliminates issues caused by low-quality substrates and inks, reducing dot-gain and improving release characteristics. The result is better mileage, less picking and hickies, enhanced color clarity, sharper print quality, reduced press room waste and improved efficiency. In addition, UV Mate will not swell UV blankets and works well with UV hybrids.

Bull’s Eye Overprint Varnish


If your overprint varnishes just don't perform and offer that pizzazz, then try the Bull's Eye brand of overprints for superior effects and longevity. Our wide range of overprints feature benefits no other varnish has to offer, from exceptional high gloss and toughness to non-burnishing dulls, including strike throughs providing 75-85 degree points of gloss to dull effects. In addition, Bull's Eye offers superior heat and squalene resistance. Browse the selections below to find the product that works perfectly for your project.

Varnish Mate


Varnish Mate is specially formulated to provide improved benefits to sub-par overprints - faster setting, improved leveling, and enhanced transfer characteristics that eliminate color tinting and picking. In addition, Varnish Mate reduces water pickup while improving mileage and drying. Varnish Mate also mixes easily into any overprint varnish without the need for milling.

Chek Mate


Our premier anti-skin product, Chek Mate temporarily eliminates the drying process of inks and varnishes on press during make-readies and short shutdown periods. Improving the shelf life of inks and varnishes during storage, Chek Mate enables printers to trim costs by reducing unnecessary spoilage. In addition, Chek Mate improves wash-up times and can even prevent web paper from tearing and breaking during long runs. Unlike some competitor products, Chek Mate will not adversely affect ink or varnish performance when properly used and does not leave behind oily stains.

Roller Mate


The smoothest friction-reducing lubricating compound for use on dead printing units, Roller Mate prolongs the life of your rollers. Press rollers are extremely expensive and this innovative product helps protect your investment, ensuring your rollers will stand the test of time. Roller Mate actively suppresses heat and friction build-up, preventing roller deterioration. In addition, Roller Mate eliminates the need to wash-up the unit the next time it is needed. Simply ink up the press and continue along with your make-ready process. For faster wash-ups and color drag reduction, apply a light film of Roller Mate to clean back cylinders. Our new liquid version of Roller Mate is great for half webs, protecting the dead roller areas.

Great Elk Liquid Roller Cleaning & De-glazing Paste


LRC&D will deep clean ink rollers and continuous dampeners, while improving print quality and extending roller life. Clean-ups are more efficient while creating less waste. LRC&D is environmentally friendly, has a pleasant odor and works in minutes. Its safe, non-flammable solution will work effortlessly on both conventional and UV presses.

Blue Mate Cleaner


The press room is a place where grease and ink can quickly build up. Keep your equipment running and looking like new with Blue Mate Cleaner. Truly a multi-purpose product, Blue Mate is a concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreasing solution formulated for industrial cleaning applications. Use Blue Mate on your presses, pumps, reservoirs, floors and any other piece of equipment. Blue Mate also fights through tough water-based coatings and, when diluted, can even be used to clean coating pumps and UV rollers.

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