Mystic Slip


Mystic Slip is a cost-effective solution that reduces quality and manufacturing issues associated with a high coefficient of friction. Our solution works seamlessly with sheetfed and heatset ink formulas and is fortified with a 50% level of white micronized PTFE powder. Blended with a modified rosin ester solution, this free-flowing paste mixes easily with any oleoresineous ink formula. In addition, this product was formulated in such a way that it works with extremely low usage levels.

Aqua Control


Aqua Control is specifically formulated to fight excessive water pick-up of lithographic inks. Excess water pick-up affects ink transfer, color and drying times, with all of these issues leading to potential quality issues and reduced efficiency during the printing process. Our high-quality formulation can be applied to any oil ink at volumes of 0.5% to 2%, stabilizing the ink and controlling the amount of water that will be picked up. Please note that it is important this product be used sparingly to achieve the best results.

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