Project Description


Product Benefits

Like Ink Mate works for conventional, UV Mate is our solution for UV printing operations. UV Mate eliminates issues caused by low-quality substrates and inks, reducing dot-gain and improving release characteristics. The result is better mileage, less picking and hickies, enhanced color clarity, sharper print quality, reduced press room waste and improved efficiency. In addition, UV Mate will not swell UV blankets and works well with UV hybrids.

  • Proven to reduce press room waste by 10 to 30 percent
  • Drastically reduces problems associated with low quality paper and inks
  • Eliminates piling issues on rollers and blankets
  • Enhanced print quality and color clarity, with reduced dot-gain
  • Doesn’t swell UV blankets and can be used with UV hybrids

Directions For Use

Thoroughly mix 1/2 to 1 ounce of UV mate into each pound of UV ink on or off the press

If the substrate is extremely poor, the addition of more UV Mate will help overcome transfer and picking problems

Store UV ink treated with UV Mate as you normally would store your UV inks. UV Mate will not separate or deteriorate over time.

Results are immediately seen after the third or fourth sheet



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