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Product Benefits

The smoothest friction-reducing lubricating compound for use on dead printing units, Roller Mate prolongs the life of your rollers. Press rollers are extremely expensive and this innovative product helps protect your investment, ensuring your rollers will stand the test of time. Roller Mate actively suppresses heat and friction build-up, preventing roller deterioration. In addition, Roller Mate eliminates the need to wash-up the unit the next time it is needed. Simply ink up the press and continue along with your make-ready process. For faster wash-ups and color drag reduction, apply a light film of Roller Mate to clean back cylinders. Our new liquid version of Roller Mate is great for half webs, protecting the dead roller areas.

  • Eliminates roller deterioration in dead units
  • No need to wash-up after use
  • Eliminates color drag caused by ink build-up on back cylinders
  • Can be used as a barrier to water-based inks and coatings in the trays on flexo systems
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and contains no VOCs or hazardous ingredients
  • Available in paste and liquid form

Directions For Use

On dead or open units, tap a small amount of 4-5 spots across the roller and allow rollers to idle until Roller Mate has uniformly lubricated the rollers. Only a thin film is needed as evaporation does not occur.

When inking up a unit treated with Roller Mate, allow the ink to fully mix with the product, creating a uniform ink film across the rollers.

To prevent back cylinder marking, apply Roller Mate using a lint-free rag to the surface of a clean back cylinder.

To ease wash-up on water-based flexo inks and coatings, apply a thin film of Roller Mate to the pan.



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