Project Description

Multi-Cure Drier

Product Benefits

Multi-Cure Drier is a specially formulated drier blend that accelerates the drying, or oxidation, process of printing inks, coatings and paints without adversely affecting the vehicle color. In addition, Multi-Cure Drier will not negatively impact the film integrity when dry. This product also pairs well with drying oils and synthetic resin varnishes, creating a thorough and complete cure. Inks for non-porous stocks, such as plastic or foil, metal deco, silk screen and regular printing inks work extremely well with our Multi-Cure Drier. Best of all, the color of the ink or paint is maintained, allowing you to meet strict color specifications.

  • Aids in the curing process of inks, coatings and paints
  • Works equally well with drying oils or synthetic resin varnishes
  • Does not adversely affect the color integrity
  • Does not affect the film integrity once dry
  • Works great on inks for non-porous substrates

Directions For Use

Recommended dosages levels is from 0.3% to 1.0% based upon vehicle solids. A step ladder study is recommended to determine the correct percentage level to meet the required drying needs.



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