Project Description


Product Benefits

One of our flagship products, Ink Mate is used by printers around the world to fight ink and paper related problems. Reducing the surface tension of the ink, Ink Mate acts as a release aid for all of the ink to transfer from the blanket to the substrate. The result is a crisper image, sharper colors, faster drying times and improved mileage. Properly used, Ink Mate will also eliminate dot gain. Most importantly, using Ink Mate is proven to reduce press room waste by 10 to 30%.

  • Proven to reduce press room waste by 10 to 30%
  • Match proofs faster without dot gain on even cold morning startups
  • Extend ink mileage, reducing overall ink costs
  • Overcome paper mottle on even large solid areas
  • Eliminate hickies on plates and blankets due to paper picking
  • Inks print brilliantly throughout the run with increased consistency, even with metallics
  • Improves drying time and efficiency



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