Project Description


Product Benefits

LRC&D will deep clean ink rollers and continuous dampeners, while improving print quality and extending roller life. Clean-ups are more efficient while creating less waste. LRC&D is environmentally friendly, has a pleasant odor and works in minutes. Its safe, non-flammable solution will work effortlessly on both conventional and UV presses.

  • Deep cleans ink rollers and continuous dampeners
  • Does not harm rollers, blankets or plates
  • Low odor, environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Works on both conventional and UV systems
  • Improves press room efficiency, making clean-ups a breeze
  • Also available in heavy paste form

Directions For Use

1. Remove excess ink from ink fountain, then doctor ink off rollers as during regular clean-up

2. Follow normal wash-up procedures using regular roller and blanket wash

3. Apply a liberal amount of solution across the length of the ink distributing and dampener rollers

4. Allow the press to run on idle for 5-15 minutes to thoroughly mill the solution into the rollers

5. Rinse the rollers with your press wash and doctor off the contaminants

6. Rinse the inker and dampener with warm or hot water to clean off any remaining contaminants

7. For severe contamination repeat steps 3-6 until thoroughly cleaned



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