Project Description


Product Benefits

Our premier anti-skin product, Chek Mate temporarily eliminates the drying process of inks and varnishes on press during make-readies and short shutdown periods. Improving the shelf life of inks and varnishes during storage, Chek Mate enables printers to trim costs by reducing unnecessary spoilage. In addition, Chek Mate improves wash-up times and can even prevent web paper from tearing and breaking during long runs. Unlike some competitor products, Chek Mate will not adversely affect ink or varnish performance when properly used and does not leave behind oily stains.

  • Superior ink and varnish anti-skin solution
  • Can be used on inks, rollers, blankets and plates
  • Reduce problems associated with ink dry-up on rollers during long runs
  • Helps prevent web paper from tearing during long runs on web presses
  • Clear, water-white liquid
  • Low VOCs
  • Mild and pleasant odor
  • 6.8 lbs. per gallon

Directions For Use

Spray Chek Mate on ink, plates, rollers and blankets to prevent ink skinning during brief shutdowns. During long runs, spray roller ends to prevent ink buildup and friction to rollers.

Just before shutdown, spray Chek Mate across rollers while running at idle speed to help loosen ink and varnishes.

After wash-up, spray Chek Mate across rollers to keep them smooth and soft.

On web presses, spray Chek Mate on roller ends periodically during the run to prevent web paper from sticking, tearing and breaking.



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