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Product Benefits

If your overprint varnishes just don’t perform and offer that pizzazz, then try the Bull’s Eye brand of overprints for superior effects and longevity. Our wide range of overprints feature benefits no other varnish has to offer, from exceptional high gloss and toughness to non-burnishing dulls, including strike throughs providing 75-85 degree points of gloss to dull effects. In addition, Bull’s Eye offers superior heat and squalene resistance. Browse the selections below to find the product that works perfectly for your project.


#2742 – High gloss, wax-free, non-yellowing and produces a gloss level in the 90’s on a 60 degree gloss meter.

#2762 – Non-yellowing with a high-slip film

#2772 – Non-yellowing scuff and rub resistant gloss varnish

#2722 –¬†Very dull non-yellowing, imprintable varnish that won’t burnish when dry overprinted. Superior strike-thru results with water-based and UV coatings.

#2728 – Light gray non-yellowing, imprintable matte varnish with excellent rub resistance. Can be used to achieve a strike-thru effect.

#2736 – Light color, non-yellowing, quick setting satin varnish.

#2732 – Wax-free, non-yellowing dull varnish with low-odor and imprintable qualities.


#5303-45R – Dull varnish for use with gloss UV coatings to achieve a superior strike-thru effect in a single press pass.

#6515-95R – Dull varnish applied in the last ink station unit on press, followed by a UV gloss overcoat in a single pass to achieve a smooth dull/gloss contrast effect.



Please contact us for more information on this product or our other offerings. We’re here to help you solve problems, deliver your customers innovative solutions and drive higher quality. If you’d like a sample please use our sample ordering system and we’ll get it out to you right away.